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Library prep


KAPA Hyperprep mRNA

The most common RNA kit option. Best for standard expression analysis. Includes polyA selection of mRNA. Data is strand-specific. 100-500ng total RNA.

KAPA Hyperprep with Ribo-depletion

Instead of polyA selection of mRNA this kit specifically removes ribosomal RNA leaving behind mRNA and long non-coding RNA. Best for whole transcriptome (polyA and other transcripts) analysis. Data is strand-specific. 100-1000ng total RNA (more is better)

Clonetech SMART-Seq v4 Ultra-low

For very low input RNA down to single cell. Data is NOT strand-specific. 10pg-10ng total RNA.

Clonetech SMARTer PICO

For low input of degraded RNA. Data is strand-specific. 10-100ng total RNA.

NEBnext small RNA

For microRNA and other small RNA. 100-1000ng total RNA.


Swift 2S

For ChIP and other low input DNA. For ChIP samples the input is enriched and purified dsDNA. There is no lower limit for input but odds of failure goes up with lower input. >10ng is generally fine.

Nextera gDNA

“Tagmentation” protocol for genomic or other DNA. Good for genomic DNA, ATAC-seq and other higher input DNA applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to frequently asked questions section for FAQ regarding library prep options.