DNA Sequencing

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Sequencing Service
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CAGT has two high-throughput Solexa Genome Analyzers 2.0 (Illumina), which are currently being used for a variety of applications, including ChIP-Seq, miRNA sequencing and expression sequencing. Each next-generation sequencer can process up to 16 samples per week, with a data yield of approximately 10 million reads per sample. Read lengths are 17, 26 or 36 bases.

This sequencing technology consists of binding randomly fragmented DNA to an optical flowcell . Templates are “sequenced” by incorporating fluorescently labeled nucleotides in a “Sequencing-By-Synthesis” reaction. A detailed description of this process can be found here: http://illumina.com/pages.ilmn?ID=203

The system consists of a cluster generation station and a Genome Analyzer, both of which work in concert to generate and analyze flowcells. An overview of the Illumina Genome Analyzer system can be found at the Illumina website: http://illumina.com/pages.ilmn?ID=204

Illumina currently provides reagents and support for a five major sequencing applications:

  • Genome sequencing and resequencing
  • Paired-end sequencing
  • Digital gene expression
  • Small RNA discovery
  • ChIP-Seq