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The GTC features the QuantStudio 6 Real-Time PCR system from Applied Biosystems for quantitative PCR. This highly flexible system supports both 96 and 384 well plate formats for both Taqman and SYBR green applications.

Access and Availability

The GTC has two QuantStudio 6 systems from Thermo Fisher. One is set up for 384 well plates, the other for 96 well plates.

Access is available in 2 hour time blocks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advance sign-up is required. It is recommended that you sign up at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.

New users should contact Jennifer Love [jlove at wi dot mit dot edu] to schedule an orientation session. Please do not attempt to change the blocks unless you have been trained as improper handling can damage the blocks. Jennifer is available during normal business hours for training.

Due to high demand, access to this equipment is limited to Whitehead Institute users only.

Sign-up policy

We use a online sign-up system for the RT-PCR machines. Please Carefully Read The Following Before You Book A Slot

  • Reserved Slots/Blocks cannot be deleted AFTER the timeslot begins.
  • All Reserved Slots/Blocks will be charged (unless deleted from the system).
  • Overbooking will not be tolerated. If you are identified as someone reserving more slots than you need and then deleting them, you will be penalized for misusing the system and creating inconvenience for others.
  • Please ensure you complete your run within your allotted timeslots/blocks.
  • Logging reagent usage is mandatory for everyone using the machines. If no GTC reagents are used, please log the number of plates and uLmix as 0)
  • You will get multiple email reminders to log your reagent usage If reagent usage is not logged by the 10th of the following month we will bill for the maximum potential usage.

You can sign-up for the a time slot to use the machine online. Click Here For Details.

The following consumables and reagents are available from the GTC for a fee:

  • Optical plates (96-well fast, 384-well)
  • Optical Adhesive Films
  • SYBR Green Master Mix


The analysis software is available on WI network (You will need a PC to install the software, MAC version is not available): \\WI-FILES2\WIGTC_Public\Software\QuantStudio6\

You may download Software from Thermo Fisher's website also - Link to Download Page

MAC Users: You can use the cloud based analysis app available through Thermo Fisher


Please refer to the Pricing page